Facebook Jail

“Well they locked us up, shut us down, and threw away the key…”

Scott Hayley, Texas Red Dirt’s favorite son, dropped his latest hit Facebook Jail this June and did something no one thought possible. His new song pokes fun at the imbalanced and seemingly senseless way Facebook regulates speech on its platform… and to our surprise, the song went viral on Facebook’s own platform!

With the help of friend, Paul Cook, Scott describes what many of us have experienced at some point in our lives. When feelings are hurt online or when you’re discussing topics deemed controversial by so-called “Fact Checkers, you get put in Facebook jail. 

From AOC to limits on free speech, Scott and Paul list all of the wild things happening in the US to make life a little less free for anyone who still supports America and our way of life. 

Backed by a rowdy rockin’ country rhythm and Scott and Paul’s guitar work, Facebook Jail is the perfect summer song for anyone struggling to make sense of our country today. 

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