Authority Magazine Interview With Scott Hayley

I want to thank the team at Authority Magazine for giving me an opportunity speak with them. It’s a real honor to have them showcase what I’m doing and my music career. You can check the interview here: Stars Making a Social Impact: Why & How Scott Hayley Is Helping To Change Our World

There’s a lot about me that is misunderstood. I’m a big personality that sometimes comes off the wrong way. I can honestly say, every morning, the first thing I think about is “how can I make those around me happy”. If I could elaborate on what I would tell young people, not only young people chasing a music career, but young folks in general, it would be this…

Don’t rely on those the closest to you to value your self worth. Sadly, in the majority of cases, you’ll only receive positive feedback until your success level becomes equal or greater than theirs. Get out of your home area, take chances, and see the world. When you see the smiles on the faces of people 8000 miles away, you’ll know exactly how valuable you are.

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