Authority Magazine Interview With Scott Hayley

I want to thank the team at Authority Magazine for giving me an opportunity speak with them. It's a real honor to have them showcase what I'm doing and my music career. You can check the interview here: Stars Making a Social Impact: Why & How Scott Hayley Is Helping...
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Homeward Bound

8 more days, and I’m Texas bound! It'll be a short visit before I return to Romania, but my future plans have only just begun. What an experience the last three months have been. I can’t wait to be back around my friends and family, tell stories about the times I’ve...
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The Life I’ve Lived

Sometimes in life, I just seem to find a way to get my shit together. I left the stage in December of 2021, and I honestly thought I was done with music.  Truth be told, the reason I wasn’t succeeding is because I wasn’t putting out good music. It might...
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Happy 4th of July

As my favorite holiday of the year has arrived, I’m saddened that I’m not able to celebrate our Independence Day with all of those I love. Being 8000 miles from home, I’m able to focus more on the actual meaning of our Independence Day rather than embellish in the symbolic...
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Big Party In Poland!

Another big party coming up in Poland!! I’m already here, the people are great, the atmosphere is unreal, and we’re gonna have a blast!! This great show is in a Western theme park in the heart of Poland. They love cowboys here!
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Amazing Time in Warsaw, Poland

By far, the greatest experience I’ve ever had playing music! From the bottom of my heart, thank you Poznan, Poland! You’ve inspired something great! This is the start of big thing! The people in Eastern Europe have incredible hospitality and are hungry for Texas Country Music. It makes me real...
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